Space Centre Tours

“Learn While Having Fun”

Education Trips to USA and Russia:  Two countries with unique space missions!!!

The United States of America: the one who pioneered in Moon landing and Russia (The then Soviet Union) the first one to go into space!! NASA, USA and Russian Space Centres are the “Greatest Space Adventures on the Earth” and is “A Dream of this life come true” if you get chance to visit.

Children in general and students in particular are always curious about spacecrafts, rockets, etc. and our space centre tours are exclusively designed for the enthusiasts who are deeply interested in research and technology.  Participating in these educational tours open up a totally new perspective for learning and enriching lives through live scientific experiences further motivating to have career in this field. This in fact would be a stepping stone for entering into space education for those who are highly interested in mathematics, science and technology.

These educational tours for NASA are a very foundation for inspiring the next generation of researchers and space explorers as it would ignite your senses when you experience the thrill of countdown and the sights and sounds of actual rocket launch. In fact, this “Once in a Lifetime Experience” is an unforgettable, hands-on space adventure for explorers of all ages. It is like living your dream in reality where you factually see the largest rocket ever flown from this earth into the space, have a chance to meet and interact with an astronaut, touch a moon rock, and many more. One of the most important experiences to enjoy is to stand nose-to-nose with shuttle Atlantis; the historic spacecraft that tells incredible story of NASA’s 30 years Space Shuttle Program.

It is a hands-on opportunity that helps students strengthen their skills in science, technology, engineering and mathematics and build self confidence and interest as future researchers.This live learning approach inspire students to have an investigative approach and enable them to contribute to their academic life with the growing knowledge gained from the actual visit and live experiences to the space centre.

Students get to see real world application of the physics laws, theories, scientific and mathematical concepts as well as engineering and technology theories that they are studying in school.

School and especially school educational trip memories are amongst the most prominent throughout our lives. Being on international tour will help sharpen the interpersonal skills such as self confidence and communication, team work, reasoning power, responsibility, problem solving and leadership skills. Students learn to have a healthy cross cultural interaction. These experiences are stimulating and exciting. Apart from education the tours embrace fun part too, when students visit some of the best tourist places in the world like Niagara Falls, Statue of Liberty, White House and the most enjoyable Disneyworld at Orlando.

!!!An Overall Wonderful Educational and Entertainment Experience to students!!

Space Centre Tours

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